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Top 10 SCADA Services Companies - 2022

SCADA, or supervisory control and data acquisition, is an industrial control system to seamlessly control industrial processes. It helps accumulate real-time data from different remote locations to equip management and make better decisions to increase productivity. SCADA industrial automation is today largely used across multiple industry verticals, including electricity generation and distribution, oil and gas refining operations, telecommunications infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Although SCADA is revolutionizing numerous industries, manufacturing is probably one sector that has benefitted from it the most. The pandemic and recent global events have threatened the global manufacturing sector by disrupting the supply chain. In such a scenario, industry 4.0 has emerged as the gold standard to automate many aspects of manufacturing and ensure preventive maintenance of critical machines. SCADA systems have become an essential part of industry 4.0 initiatives, making factory floors all the more efficient and connected. This has driven the rapid growth of the SCADA market. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global SCADA market will be $13.2 billion by 2026 from $9.2 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 7.6 percent.

There is no way to deny that SCADA systems are the need of the hour in the industrial environment for flawless and quick process analysis. These solutions, however, come with the same risk factors as other sensor-based systems—cyberattacks. Before implementing any SCADA system, organizations need to ensure that their security posture is strong enough to resist and eliminate any sort of vulnerability.

In this edition, our goal is to provide readers insights into the current SCADA space and its rapid evolution.

    Top SCADA Services Companies

  • Founded in 2019, AtomTech is a comprehensive control and automation engineering firm committed to bridging the gap between corporate IT systems and the factory floor. The company designs, develops and implements SCADA systems marrying leading network principles with intuitive graphic design to provide operators with highly scalable functional interfaces and ensure minimal downtime

  • CC&E Engineering

    CC&E Engineering

    CC&E Engineers is a professional corporation consisting of a team of experienced electrical engineers committed to providing quality design and consulting services at competitive prices. The professional staff members represent more than 500 years of combined electrical engineering experience specializing in communications and controls



    CSE ICON is a consulting, engineering and technology integration services company. They solve problems by combining technical expertise with industrial knowledge. They are made up of engineers and computer scientists with a deep passion for helping their clients extract the maximum value from their technology investments

  • Elynx Technologies

    Elynx Technologies

    With a 20-year track record, eLynx is the #1 SCADA and historian open Cloud platform for the oil and gas industry. Since 2000, eLynx has pioneered real-time data collection, production reporting, and remote monitoring and control for over 40,000 wells and assets for more than 400 production and midstream companies. The eLynx historian provides operators with a tool set that is designed for modern data initiatives

  • Integrated-Control Systems

    Integrated-Control Systems

    Established in 1993, ICSi designs, builds and integrates industrial control systems and machinery, including assembly and test equipment to enhance performance for their clients. Their goal is to help clients become faster, more efficient, and more profitable. They accomplish this goal by understanding their clients’ process and expertly managing, designing, programming and implementing their process improvements

  • KEP


    KEP designs, manufactures and services Industrial, Process, Automation and Control products. KEP is a widely diversified designer and manufacturer of industrial, process and HMI / SCADA software with over 100 employees, 200 worldwide distributors and factory representatives

  • QEI


    QEI has been providing industry solutions for over 60 years. QEI is a leading SCADA system and substation automation equipment supplier with a long history of innovation and technical leadership in electric network monitoring and control applications

  • Star Controls

    Star Controls

    Star Controls is a leading provider of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and M2M solutions, including SCADA and Communications systems for the Water and Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, and other markets. The Star Controls team includes Subject Matter Experts in different areas and aspects, in which enables a holistic view of the needs and challenges



    TPCUSA is a one source solution for Process Controls including: SCADA, Telemetry, Control, Monitoring and Reporting systems. They provide a bridge between client’s needs and their operational vision. TPC is a one source solution encompassing Control Systems Design, Controls Engineering, In House Panel Fabrication, Programing, Installation, Inspection Services, Program Development, Program Management, Construction Management, and Equipment Procurement

  • XiO Water Systems

    XiO Water Systems

    XiO Water System is the leading provider of cloud-based SCADA solutions for increased security, lower lifetime costs, and radical resource efficiency. Imagine a cloud-based SCADA platform to leverage data, view trends, produce reports, and optimize processes – across numerous industries

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